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Ice skating is one of the most popular winter activities in this part of the world. You might choose to build an ice rink in your backyard so you can enjoy it with your loved ones. One of the most crucial components of the rink is the water. The quality of the water can affect the smoothness of the rink and determine your experience with it. At Affordable Water Services Ltd., we provide water delivery services for ice rink water in Calgary and the surrounding areas. 

We have over 30 years of experience supplying ice rink water to our commercial and residential clients. We can deliver the right amount of water based on the size of your rink. Our water will help you create a level surface for your rink so you can enjoy skating throughout the winter months. 

We take pride in delivering quality water solutions in the area. With us, you can expect minimal waiting times and quick deliveries. Our team is always forthcoming with information and will address any queries that you might have. Please contact us if you require ice rink water in Calgary.


As is obvious, the water is the most crucial aspect of an ice rink. Its quality is essential for creating an ice rink that offers the best conditions for skating. With water, the ice would be too bumpy and uneven for skating purposes. Not only that, but water is essential for maintaining the perfect temperature on the ice rink. The ice needs to be cold enough to be able to skate on but not too cold. This will lead to the ice cracking and the ice rink coming apart. This is why the perfect balance of water and ice is critical for maintaining an ice rink.

Would you like to know more about the importance of our ice rink water in Calgary? Please don't hesitate to reach out.


Our water delivery company can provide you with high-quality water to flood your backyard ice rink. We recommend the following tips:

  • It is crucial to ensure that the ice is level. If you don't do so, the water will flow to the low spot, with the high spot having no water covering it.

  • It would be best if you made sure that the boards are placed very securely in the ground. These boards have to hold the weight of the water till it freezes.

  • It is suggested that you arrange the liner to be installed as one continuous sheet without seams. Leakages in the liner will cause you to lose the water.

Would you like to know more about ice rink water in Calgary? Our team would be delighted to give you more tips. Please contact us.


When it comes to your water supply, you should only choose a company that you can trust. There are many reasons for us to select our water supply services, such as:

  • Experience: We have years of experience in supplying water for diverse purposes in the area. We know what it takes to meet your needs successfully.

  • Services: We provide an extensive range of services. Our company can supply you with water for everything, from drinking purposes to landscaping requirements.

  • Quality: Our water supply company adheres to the highest standards. Our potable water is supplied by the city of Calgary. We meet all Alberta Health Services guidelines and ensure a safe product is delivered to you.

  • Personalization: We know that every requirement is different. We take your requirements into account and provide you with personalized water delivery solutions.

  • Client services: We are committed to providing our clients with dependable services. Our team will consistently deliver water to you on time.

Apart from delivering ice rink water in Calgary, we supply water for numerous purposes, such as agriculture. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety and ensure our water meets all the required guidelines.

Would you like for us to be your water supplier? Please contact us to discuss your needs today!


Our company has the capacity to take on all types of water delivery orders. No job is too big or too small for us. You can count on us to maintain the highest standards, whether you choose us for swimming pool filling services or ice rink water in Calgary.

When you reach out to us, we take the time to assess your requirements, which enables us to deliver you customized water solutions. Our water can help you create a beautiful and functional backyard ice rink that you can use throughout the winter.

Please contact us if you'd like to place an order or have any questions.


Let us supply you with ice rink water in Calgary. Our water will help you create a smooth and hard surface.

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